As an active fitness fanatic you probably recognize this... not a good grip on barbells, bars and dumbbells! You may be using fitness gloves now, but they don't provide enough grip. Because many fitness gloves are often too slippery, you get sweaty hands and blisters because the model does not fit properly, they are too tight or too loose, stitching that breaks and they smell.

Now there's a good alternative...

FitnessHands, your new best friends!

What are Fitness Hands?

They are special pads that are made for a good grip on barbells, dumbbells, bars and more. And because they are pads, they naturally 'fit' everyone, regardless of the size of your hands. They are suitable for various sports such as strength training, fitness, crossfit, weightlifting and more.


What are the advantages?

  • Immediately ready for use, you pick them up and immediately grab the barbell
  • Anti-slip and therefore immediately a good grip
  • Universal size, so can be used for any hand size
  • Your fingers are not in anything, so no pinching
  • No sweaty hands
  • No blisters
  • Nice smooth surface, so no seams or edges that can irritate
  • The front and back have the same structure, so you can use them on both sides, there is no elastic or strap sewn on.
  • Fresh and hygienic
  • After use, if necessary, you can simply rinse them under the tap and let them dry.
  • And.... are you done exercising but can't get the lid off the jar of applesauce because your hands are slippery? Even then the Fitness Hands come in handy! So also great for grandma, grandpa or someone with, for example, rheumatism or osteoarthritis, if there is no strength left in the hands. With the Fitness Hands you can easily remove all lids from jars!


  • 1 set = 2 'hands' / pads
  • Dimensions: ± 10 x 14 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight: ± 9 grams each
  • Colour: black with light gray print

How to order?

  • Click on the green button ('in winkelwagen'), to add a set to the shopping cart.
  • Fill in your full details.
  • We send you a confirmation with your order number and our bank account to make the bank transfer.

Good to know...

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